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Chakra set of 7 forks

The Chakra Set are another set of forks that can be used with the chakra system. This set consists of 7 forks and unlike the Harmonic Spectrum Set, which is tuned to the Pythagorean Scale (also known as the Just Scale), these forks are NOT based on a musical scale. They are based on the mathematical rotation of the planets
our Sun.

The Chakra Tuning Forks work more on the cosmic multi-dimensions of our chakras, our subtle bodies and other energy gateways & pathways.


1st ROOT/BASE- 194.18 Hz - The ROOT fork is the same frequency as an Earth Day which is 24 hours. The energy is dynamic, stimulating, vitalizing and tonifying. The color is Orange-Red. It is the frequency that influences the physical body. Very effective on the pubic bone and coccyx.
2nd SACRAL - 210.42 Hz - The SACRAL fork is the same frequency as the Synodic Moon, which is the time of the full moon. This tone stimulates sexual energy and supports erotic communication. Also good for woman's cycles and for disturbances of the glandular and lymphathic systems. The color is Orange. Useful on the belly between the pubic bone and naval and also on the sacrum.
3rd SOLAR PLEXUS - 126.22 Hz - The SOLAR PLEXUS fork is the same frequency as our solar systems central star, the Sun. The Sun is the trasmitter and receiver of energies between Earth and the Cosmos. It is the zero point or the point of stillness between Yin and Yang, and all cycles. This tone advances the magical and the transcendental. The color is Green. Useful on the solar plexus.
4th HEART - 136.10 Hz (Cosmic OM) - The HEART fork is tuned to the OM vibration and resonates to the Earth Year or the time it takes the Earth to rotate around the sun, which is one year or 365 days. This tone promotes deep relaxation and sedation. The color is Blue-Green. It is the frequency that influences the soul. Very effective on the sternum between the breasts and at the base of the sternum. For more information see the OM Tuner.
5th THROAT - 141.27 Hz - The THROAT fork is the same frequency as the planet Mercury. This tone supports the speech center and all forms of communication. The color is Blue. Effective on the throat and the vertabrae at the base of the neck.
6th 3RD EYE - 221.23 Hz - The 3RD EYE fork is the same frequency as the planet Venus. This tone promotes a great flow of love energy and inner harmony. The color is bright Yellow-Orange. Use on the 3rd Eye, directly between the eyebrows.
7th CROWN - 172.06 Hz - The CROWN fork is the same frequency as the Platonic Year, which is 25,920 years. It is the time the axis of the Earth takes to complete a full rotation. The tone supports cheerfulness, clarity of spirit, supports cosmic unity and is anti-depressive. The color is Red-Violet/ Purple. F is the tone of the principle of Joyous Spirit. It is the gateway to spiritual heaven and the connecting link to the Tao in its purest form. Use on the crown chakra at the top of the head in alignment with the tops of the ears.



In comparison, the Harmonic Spectrum Set works at a more physical level with the chakras than the Chakra Tuning Forks. The Harmonic Spectrum Set is tuned to the Just Scale and is more in touch with the physical plane of existence. The physical plane is denser, more crystallized, more cognitive, centered more around the 5 human senses and the tissues, fluids, bones, organs, etc. of our physical body.

Using precise mathematical formulas of our Solar System's planetary cycles, these forks have been created to connect to our cosmic multi-dimensional selves which are eternal, extremely subtle and are accessible through gateways. ladders, layers and multi-dimensional levels of energy. These forks provide pathways to a Cosmic Universal understanding of All of Life and our never-ending Soul's relationship to it.

The Harmonic Spectrum Set is a complete octave of 8 tuning forks (C,D,E,F,G,A,B,C) based on the Pythagorean Scale. The octave of tuning forks in this set is MIDDLE C (256 hz) through the next higher octave C (512 hz). They are the traditional chakra frequencies from the Hindu tradition with C being the root chakra, D the sacral chakra, etc.

The Harmonic Spectrum Set emanates pure sounds and overtones to help you relax and center yourself. The process of harmonic repatterning uses two forks together creating various musical intervals. Each interval creates a unique relationship between the chakras, the glands associated with each chakra, and subtle bodies of your energy field.





The Cosmic Octave Tuning Forks are 11 forks that are created based on the work of Hans Cousto. These forks resonate to the orbit of each of the planets of our Solar System, including the Earth, around the the Sun, our central Star.

There is a fork for each of the 10 planets in our solar system plus the Sun, our solar system's Central Star. Each fork tones to the precise frequencies of the orbit of each planet around the sun, with the Sun being the central, core vibration. More than that, these forks create intervals that are universal to all of life, from the cosmic makeup to cellular makeup. The potential for healing is enormous, not only for human beings, but for all of life.

Use at sacred sites and planetary acupuncture points, or use to enhance the astrological energies of each planet in your life, and to resonate anything back into right relationship with the Laws of the Cosmos


Sun - 126.22 Hz - Light Green - Leo & 5th house: promotes generosity, opens the heart, stimulates creativity, promotes radiance from within, enhances self-awareness and self-expression, promotes self-confidence, understanding of self-will, assists in finding one's purpose. This is also Solar Plexus/Manipura)
Mercury - 141.27 Hz, Blue-Green - Gemini & 3rd house: enhances learning, facilitates teaching, promotes higher communication, opens receptivity to receiving & understanding messages, opens one to knowledge and clear thoughts. This is also Throat/Vishuddha)
Venus - 221.23 Hz, Yellow-Orange - Libra & 2nd & 7th houses: promotes aesthetics and appreciation of beauty, puts one in touch with Goddess energy and sensuality, restores balance, enhances one-on-one relationships, discovery of feminine attributes. This is also Third Eye/Ajna)
Earth - 194.18 Hz, Orange-Red - center of zodiac: deepens our connection and appreciation for Mother Earth (Gaia, Terra), the being that provides for and sustains our very existence. Helps to put us in right relationship with Earth. Very powerful to tone on Earth acupuncture points. This is also Root/Muladhara)
Moon - 210.42, Orange - Cancer & 4th house: promotes appreciation of home & family, supports self-nurturance, opens feeling nature, discovery of deeper unconscious aspects of oneself, enhances intuition. This is also Sacral/Svadhisthana)
Mars - 144.72, Blue - Aries & 1st house: stimulates new ideas, calls one to action, promotes self expression, encourages new beginnings, creates vitality and vigor, encourages forward movement and self-assertion, discovery of male attributes.
Jupiter - 183.58, Red - Sagittarius & 9th house: encourages expansion and growth, learning from a global point-of-view, welcoming higher energies to come in, encourages travel & discovery, promotes optimism, encourages morals and ethics.
Saturn - 147.85, Blue - Capricorn & 10th house: encourages reassessment and self-discipline, deeper connection with crystals & gems, brings spirit into form, encourages structure, promotes commitment.
Uranus - 207.36, Orange - Aquarius & 11th house: stimulates self discovery and self expression, enhances community and creativity in group situations, supports the process of individuation, promotes detachment and more universal perspective.
Neptune - 211.44, Orange - Pisces & 12 house: deepens our understanding of mysticism, assists in getting in touch with past lives, promotes dreams, imagination and intuition, deepens meditation, encourages transcendence.
Pluto - 140.25, Blue-Green - Scorpio & 8th house: encourages letting go of the old so that renewal and regeneration can occur, supports transformation and transmutation, assists in finding one's authentic power, deepens understanding of sex.

HUMAN ORGAN  $225.00

The Human Organ Tuning Forks are a set of 15 forks, one for each of the major organs and essential parts of the physical body. These forks are tuned to the frequencies of healthy human tissue. The frequencies were discovered by Barbara Hero & The International Lambdoma Research Institute. She passed sound waves through a healthy organ and calculated these frequencies using the speed of sound.
Blood - E 321.9 Hz
Adrenals, Thyroid & Parathyroids - B 492.8 Hz
Kidneys - Eb 319.88 Hz
Liver - Eb 317.83 Hz
Bladder - F 352 Hz
Intestines - C# 281 Hz
Lungs - A 220 Hz
Colon - F 176 Hz
Gall Bladder - E 164.3 Hz
Pancreas - C# 117.3 Hz
Stomach - A 110 Hz
Brain - Eb 315.8 Hz
Fat Cells - C# 295.8 Hz
Muscles - E 324 Hz
Bone - Ab 418.3 Hz



All Forks come with a velvet pouch to carry them with, Boxes are also available to display your forks .

Boxes are custom made to your number of forks. Price is based on that. Please contact us and let us know how many forks will be displayed to get a price. Average cost for a box display for Chakra set of 7 forks is  $24.00