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Sculpey Polymer Clay


I have received several requests for Sculpey clay, and best place to buy it. There are a number of locations that handle this, and I have tried to get on the list, but have so far not made it there.

So.. In defiance,, the BEST place to find your clay and products and not pay retail.. EBAY.

I have bought so many things from ebay, clay, molds, craft projects.

The Fairies you see and wish you could own, go to the bakers section and look for the FONDANT mold of people. This will cost you 15.00 and you will get a boy, women and man. 3 Molds!! for 15.00 and not have to pay 45.00 for the same mold you find for the fairies. Now you can create and sell dolls for a fortune on ebay.  search word: POLYMER  SCULPEY   PUSH MOLDS  any of these will get you what you need.

Now here is a FYI that I recently found out. The mold you use for Polymer clay can also be used for fondant. That is those fancy things on the cake. However if you CAN NOT mix these. So use for Cake decorations ONLY or Polymer clay ONLY.    DO NOT MIX, ITS NOT SAFE TO EAT WHEN MIXED WITH THE CLAY USE.

But if your a baker, what you can make in polymer you can make with fondant and place on a cake. So keep in mind many things here can be made for a cake.

Here are some fun ideas and projects to do. There is only one thing to stop you here, and that is lack of creative thinking. But if you can think, your creative.






Beginner Sculptor- the Female Face- Part 1 OF 5



Creager Studios Sculpting 'Lesson One'  1 OF 7






Written By, Cece Stevens


If your looking for project how to on Polymer and ready to sit and have fun, then this is the book for you.

There over 700 pages in this little ebook. More projects, reference material, everything you need to know in one spot.

Also is the address to most of the wholesale outlets you can buy from.



      $15.00 FUN PROJECTS WITH POLYMER CLAY, Cece Stevens


Below are projects to do with ready made beads. I have found some very nice pieces on Ebay and in one particular is Jodi. Here is some samples of her work and ideas of what you can do with it. I recommend her as a someone to get your canes from.

 CraftyStyle Creations eBay Store 





OCTOBER feature artist CATHY HARM

Another excellent source for material is Cathy Harm from Arizona.

 C Harm Polymer Clay and Art eBay Store  CATHY HARM CLAY AND ART STORE

Hi, I'm Cathy (Ray's Mrs.) and I work in polymer clay. Below are some samples of my work which can be purchased through the store I have on eBay. You can click this link and see all my items that are currently available.


If you have any questions just email me at mailto:harm@rayharm.com

http://stores.ebay.com/C-Harm-Polymer-Clay-and-Art   Ebay Store

http://www.rayharm.com/corn.htm  Home web page

This is a beautiful hand decorated one-of-a-kind MILLEFIORI FLORAL bisque and polymer clay egg. This pattern is not painted at all, it is meticulously HAND CRAFTED and designed on a bisque egg using polymer clay, no two are ever identical. I take the clay and designed it into my own “canes”, similar to the Venetian Millefiori technique (only with clay not glass). Thin slices are cut from each cane and then worked and designed onto the bisque egg. It is then baked and finally sealed with a baked on gloss finish. This egg measures about 3-½” tall and is about 2-½ ” across. This egg is signed and the stand is included. In the photo I’ve tried to show the workmanship in this egg but it is one of those things you have to see to believe and that‘s a large real chicken egg in the photo.

This is ONE-OF-A-KIND and RARE as the Millefiori design on the outside is hand made and original using my own polymer clay canework. Each one of the flowers and leaves in the design are slices off of individual canes. I fell in love with the intricate Millefiori designs I saw on a collection of 1845-1865 paperweights and decided to make my own “canes” from polymer clay. This pattern is not painted it is meticulously HAND CRAFTED and designed, no two are ever identical. I design the clay into canes then take thin slices from each cane and work them individually onto the piece, bake and finally I seal the piece with a baked on gloss finish.




This is a pewter finish pill box with an embedded clay image of Ray's artwork on the top of the box. I have several designs available. Raccoon, Cardinal, 2 Owls, Hummingbird, Red-tail Hawk and Nestlings too. 









Autumn Clay Leaf Clock By Sandy Rollinger



Candy Glass Beads  Design by Adria Filion



Easy, Breezy Beads By syndee holt



Faux Wooden Bead Bracelet



Recipe Journal Design by Iris Weiss


Translucent Snowflake Ornaments Decorated with tinted TLS



Keepsake Box Design by Nanetta Bananto



Stained Glass with Premo and TLS Design by Elizabeth Campbell










Fiorato Pendant Bead with Liquid Sculpey
By Ann and Karen Mitchell, AnKara Designs


Garden Seed Packet Holders Design by Tamila Darling



Leaf Fossil Pendants Design by Patricia Kimle



Mystic Autumn Tin Design by Marie Redmond



"Pressed Flower Scroll" Design By Karen Prince



Angel Wing Cane Design by Linda Hess


Bead Kit with Matching Tin By Nanetta Bananto


Flower Canes for Beads, Buttons and Bobbles
Instructions and Photos by Syndee Holt